Really enjoy the simplicity of I tried a few other apps for Xero integration but none had as smooth a setup process and exactly what I needed, which was a simple and reliable integration. I've also been impressed by the alerting - where there is an amount if cannot reconcile, it proactively let's you know and guides you through resolving any mismatch, which was very useful and helped improved our data quality! It now just does it's magic in the background saving hours of work each week. Would definitely recommend for simple and reliable Xero integration.

Mighty Small

This app is awesome. I was spending hours every week trying to reconcile payouts, and was making tons of mistakes that my accountant was having to fix. Since installing, it's cut my reconciliation to a few seconds every day and the accuracy of the information being sent is spot on. My accountant is happy and so am I! 1000% recommend.


Reconciling payments and invoices in Xero was a long process but now with it is so boring just click click click, and it is done before you know it. Great App, I had a call from Xero and fully supported Xero to certify it. Recommend it to all Shopify Store owners.

Fullie Hardware

The guys here at are super responsive and have developed an app that has solved a lot of problems for us. Saved us an immense amount of time and stress. Well done team.

Giftbox Boutique

If you are running Shopify, and have Xero - GET THIS APP! We struggled for several years with other xero sync tools, that just didn't 'get' it. is smart, just works, and has cut HOURS per week from our reconciliations into xero - we LOVE it!


This App helps me block specific POS card transactions from Shopify so that it does not generate an invoice in Xero which has saved so much time when reconciling. Support is amazing!! Thanks Jack you are a Star :)

Kiwi Gift Ideas

Where to begin!? This is THE tool for Xero and Shopify - bar none. Add to that the incredible support for whom nothing is too much trouble, and this is the only tool you need to look at if you are running Shopify with Xero - save yourself hours of work per day! Could not recommend highly enough! Keep up the great work.

Irish Railway Models

We use this app to help reconcile our Shopify payments coming into XERO and it works brilliantly! I would 100% recommend to everyone. This app allows me to focus on growing my business and not worry about these little niggly things!

Kick on.

Fantastic and very simple little app. The 14 day free trial is a great way to try before you buy. We were very pleased and everything worked perfectly, very quick support provided via live chat too. Will save us hours of processing.


After many failed attempts with other apps, this one is the best when it came to setting up and connecting to my Xero account. Works seamlessly with the Shopify store and Xero. save time, stress and money with this app when it comes to reconciling lot's of small transaction :) Highly recommend

Mist NZ

Could not function without this app! Saves so much time and effort using Shopify and Xero in sync. The developers are really helpful and go the extra mile to sort out any issues. Thanks!

Alphabet Brewing Company

Great app. Has dramatically reduced the time it takes to reconcile Shopify payments while being accurate and easy to understand. The customer service team is great as well, with quick reply times.

Little Mamas And Papas

Great app and the best we have used after testing a few different options. It has dramatically reduced the time it takes to reconcile Shopify payments on our Shopify stores while being accurate and easy to understand. The customer service team is great as well.

Clooney Club

We would go nowhere else for our order reconciliation. is our number 1 go-to for accounting and expending our Victorious Brand.

Victorious Active

This app really does save time. It automatically raises an invoice ready for the payment to be reconcilled. Customer services was very quick and polite when I did have a problem which was resolved without fuss.

Capital Coffee Roasters

So far so good. I'd been looking for a Xero connector that would just post a summarized invoice for payouts rather than each individual order. This reduces time spent on reconciliation, contact and invoice clutter in Xero and reduces redundancy since individual order info and better reporting is available within Shopify anyway.


I have been using Reconcile to pull orders from Shopify to Xero. App works well and the team are responsive to questions and development suggestions. Eyal recently added a function to the app within 7 days that I requested. Great service.

NO Grow Australia

A huge saving of time and effort - this app makes shopify<>xero a breeze and is brilliantly simple, yet powerful. Could not recommend more highly!

Irish Railway Models UK

One of the easiest Xero-Shopify apps to use. Connects quickly and easy to set up. Excellent support, helping us to get every running quickly.

Moving Beans HK has been a huge time-saving for us by effortlessly syncing and categorizing our Shopify payouts to Xero for over a year now. On the rare occasion that glitches occur, the team jumps in quickly to help. If you use Xero, you should be using this app.


Fantastic App, it does exactly as it says and deals with FX no problem. This has saved me huge amount of time reconciling to the bank.


Xero Sync hassle-free. Great support 100% recommended. Simple easy and time-saving... Great if you are in the UK

Number Six

I use Shopify for online sales and Point of Sale and used to dread the Shopify aspect of my quarterly VAT (tax) return. Have now been using this app since April, and am saving hours, possibly days, of manual input each month. 100% recommended! Customer support has also been fast and friendly. SO pleased this app was recommended to me. Definitely give it a try!


Good product which works as advertised and has comes with helpful and timely support should you encounter an issue.

Welcome To Country - Shop

Great app. The integration with Xero was easy to setup and the interface is very simple to understand and operate. Support is quick and helpful when needed.

Brick Me

Great app, so efficient and easy to set up and understand, integration with Xero is effortless. We changed over from another app to and so far we are very impressed. Fast and helpful support when you need it too.

All Box'd Up

The app didn't work for us. It has a bug that messed up quite a lot of our Xero accounting, which will now need to be manually fixed. Customer service takes days to reply and was unable to resolve the issue despite several emails.

School Depot NZ

My issue was sorted quickly within a few minutes. Very pleased with the current service. I would recommend using this app.

Nick Von K

We use this app to integrate Shopify with Xero for shopify and afterpay online retail transactions and the time it saves is immense. It's so liberating being able to run your business and focus on what matters while does it's thing in the background automatically. So easy to set up and connecting through to Xero is enabling us to make accurate fact based business decisions using absolutely current accounting information. The visibility it's given us as a start-up has been immensely powerful. Support is incredibly responsive and nothing is ever too much of a bother. In a word this app is EPIC and the team more so!

Keto Store NZ

We run a complicated, high transaction volume business with many marketplace integrations and multiple payment gateways and this App is really helping us reduce the accounting workload. The set up process was smooth thanks to the excellent support, it was worth reaching out to the team early on, they are incredibly responsive. Really excellent app and service, thank you :)

Lola Design Ltd

This app is a great time saver for anyone using Shopify and Xero. The support was first class when I had a few queries after install, really impressed.

My Guest Book

Very easy to use and the support has been great! I have installed this app for over a year and have had no issues, only good things to report here!

Caesars Coffee™

Useful app that does things I wouldn't know how to do - and an extremely helpful online support team that sort out problems swiftly and efficiently.

Birdie Fortescue

Eyal has been amazing to deal with, extremely responsive to app improvement suggestions and it works smoothly. He added in the due date feed from Shopify to Xero for me and also an option to use billing customer instead of billing person in Xero.


Great app, so efficient and easy to set up. Eyal has been amazing to work with also. Created a custom override to assist with our reconciliation process between Xero and Shopify. Reconciliation has never been easier because of this.

Lakanto Australia

Simply fantastic - and the support is awesome (shout out to Eric and Eyal!) If you are running Shopify and Xero - look absolutely no further!!


We have this app in place to export web orders to our Xero package. On occasion there have been some that didn't immediately move over due to inventory on the Xero end, the support is second to none with quick, friendly and efficient processing and working together to ensure all the transactions get through as they should. I would 100% recommend this app for anyone using Shopify/Xero.

Tractor Ted

We use to export online orders to Xero via Shopify and Paypal gateway and 99% of the time the sync is perfect. For the 1% that end up with issues, the support team at are fantastic and very responsive. Eric has helped me out a number of times with queries of varying complexity, quickly correcting any glitches or doing research on my most recent harder query on exchanges. Definitely recommend this app for Shopify/Xero integration.


I just started using this app and it took care of all my Shopify payments and my PayPal sales. It was fab and had a comprehensive yet easy setup. I also read where you could pay a one off charge for backdating from a precious time period and I did that today and it saved me hours and hours of work. App is FABULOUS! Support was great too.

Laura De Zordo Jewellery

Support is absolutely amazing - thank you Jerome, Diego and Carlos and all. The app is brilliant. It pushes the Stripe orders/invoices with a credit for the charges to reconcile with the payout - saving me hours and hours. And they backdated them to 30 November 2020 for free. Couldn't ask for a better service.