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Giftbox Boutique & Reconcile.ly

How Giftbox Boutique uses Reconcilely to automate 140+ hours of Shopify order and payout reconciliation every single month.

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Giftbox Boutique & Reconcile.ly
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Before Reconcile.ly

Before Reconcile.ly, we had to manually find and match transactions in Xero and create invoices for some gateways to account for the fees, even when setting up rules.

This process had some big pain points, the most obvious being time loss and honestly sometimes I just didn’t have the brain power to remember how to fix things if they stopped working. You set something up and want to forget it, 6 months later if the connection breaks you try and remember the process to reconnect and sometimes it’s just not that easy.

We had tried other solutions on the Shopify App Marketplace but they were expensive and not the complete package and requiring manual input.

All of this manual work came at a large cost, both in lost productivity and wages.

After Reconcile.ly

We started looking for a solution to the reconciliation problem almost immediately after starting our store, we had a couple of workarounds in place but were ineffective and required a lot of time still.

We then chose Reconcile.ly, quite simply because it worked. As a business owner I look for solutions to my problems, the more seamless the solution the more likely I am to use it, all of the other options still required input where Reconcile.ly was the complete package.

With a few simple clicks the app was online and ready to go, and since then all of our reconciliations from Shopify into Xero are already matched. When we hit seasonal sales periods this has saved us so much time and money I have a life again! This app is worth every cent and more.

The guys at Reconcile.ly are also super responsive and overall have developed an app that has solved a lot of problems for us when it comes to Shopify and Xero.

Reconcile.ly's Impact


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What Our Customers Say

I use Shopify for online sales and Point of Sale and used to dread the Shopify aspect of my quarterly VAT (tax) return. Have now been using this app since April, and am saving hours, possibly days, of manual input each month. 100% recommended! Customer support has also been fast and friendly. SO pleased this app was recommended to me. Definitely give it a try!


Simply fantastic - and the support is awesome (shout out to Eric and Eyal!) If you are running Shopify and Xero - look absolutely no further!!


Great app. Has dramatically reduced the time it takes to reconcile Shopify payments while being accurate and easy to understand. The customer service team is great as well, with quick reply times.

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Pricing to Match Your Size

Powerful and reliable Shopify accounting doesn't have to break the bank.
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Ideal for merchants selling to customers paying with a single currency.

  • 400 Orders Per Month
  • Summarised Payout Invoices
  • Live Chat Support
  • Giftcard Support
  • No Multi-Currency Support



Ideal for merchants selling to customers internationally across many currencies.

  • 800 Orders Per Month
  • Summarised Payout Invoices
  • Live Chat Support
  • Giftcard Support
  • Multi-Currency Support



Ideal for high-volume merchants looking to eliminate manual intervention at scale.

  • Unlimited Orders Per Month
  • Summarised Payout Invoices
  • Live Chat Support
  • Giftcard Support
  • Multi-Currency Support

We also offer a Starter Plan for $9/m, which comes with 100 Orders Per Month, Summarised Payout Invoices and Email Support.