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Accurascale & Irish Railway Models + Reconcile.ly

How Accurascale & Irish Railway Models saves more than 70 hours every month reconciling 4,500+ orders

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Accurascale & Irish Railway Models + Reconcile.ly
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Before Reconcile.ly

Irish Railway models and Accurascale are two brands of a design and manufacturing business that produces high fidelity, detailed models of Irish and UK outline model railway locomotives and stock for discerning modellers and collectors.

With design offices in Ireland, the UK, Moldova and Canada and factories in China, we deliver primarily in 4mm and 7mm scales since 2015. We do this using two separate Shopify accounts and using different currencies.

We have been using Reconcile.ly across both of our stores since August 2020, and straight away noticed how Reconcile.ly makes the entire relationship with Xero clean, clear and effortless!

After Reconcile.ly

We were looking for a solution like Reconcile.ly, ever since moving to Shopify about 3 years ago.

When asked why I choose Reconcile.ly, I tell people all other solutions that link Shopify to Xero, rely on creating customers, invoices, etc, per transaction in quite a generic manner, whereas Reconcile.ly smartly realizes how Shopify and Xero work in the real world, and the pain points of maintaining clear and accurate data between the two.

We had tried two other Shopify / Xero connection tools in the app store before Reconcile.ly, We then ended up with significant manual reconciliation of Shopify sales and orders and despite all that manual effort, the end result was nowhere near as clear and useful as the data Reconcile.ly now provides in Xero.

All prior processes had similar pain points – significant manual labour mostly as a result of the existing options on the market not ‘getting’ how Shopify worked in the real world. This led to inaccuracies, lack of insight into the data, and overly manual tracking of things like credit notes and gift card spend – all now seamlessly handled by Reconcile.ly.

So to the guys at Reconcile.ly: Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have reduced the number of hours spent reconciling data from more than 75 hours per month, to now less than 5. To say Reconcile.ly is a literal godsend would be a massive understatement.

Reconcile.ly's Impact


Hours Saved Per Month


Invoices Automatically Created


Shopify Payouts Reconciled

What Our Customers Say

So far so good. I'd been looking for a Xero connector that would just post a summarized invoice for payouts rather than each individual order. This reduces time spent on reconciliation, contact and invoice clutter in Xero and reduces redundancy since individual order info and better reporting is available within Shopify anyway.


I just started using this app and it took care of all my Shopify payments and my PayPal sales. It was fab and had a comprehensive yet easy setup. I also read where you could pay a one off charge for backdating from a precious time period and I did that today and it saved me hours and hours of work. App is FABULOUS! Support was great too.

Laura De Zordo Jewellery

Very easy to use and the support has been great! I have installed this app for over a year and have had no issues, only good things to report here!

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Pricing to Match Your Size

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Ideal for merchants selling to customers paying with a single currency.

  • 400 Orders Per Month
  • Summarised Payout Invoices
  • Live Chat Support
  • Giftcard Support
  • No Multi-Currency Support



Ideal for merchants selling to customers internationally across many currencies.

  • 800 Orders Per Month
  • Summarised Payout Invoices
  • Live Chat Support
  • Giftcard Support
  • Multi-Currency Support



Ideal for high-volume merchants looking to eliminate manual intervention at scale.

  • Unlimited Orders Per Month
  • Summarised Payout Invoices
  • Live Chat Support
  • Giftcard Support
  • Multi-Currency Support

We also offer a Starter Plan for $9/m, which comes with 100 Orders Per Month, Summarised Payout Invoices and Email Support.